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Want to stay at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis? We don't blame you! It is located right in the heart of some of St. Louis's most amazing attractions, so you will have easy access to everything you want to do. Before you get too excited though, you need to make sure to book your room. These things do not take long to sell out at Millennium. The link below showcases some booking providers online that you can use to get a great rate for your room.


The rooms at Millennium St. Louis are equipped with all the amenities you can imagine. Fresh, white linens cover feather-soft pillows and mattresses, giving you the best night of sleep you have ever had. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to provide you with room service whenever you need it. Enjoy a meal in the room or come down to eat for breakfast. You'll feel at home from start to finish.

Guest Reviews

Marcy Granger
I love visiting St. Louis every year because there is so much to do here. One of my favorite parts of the city is actually the hotel I stay at when I'm there. After a couple rounds of bad hotel luck, I came across Millennium Hotel. Now I go back there every time I'm in St. Louis. I love the room service menu and huge rooms they have available, and I also love the super soft bedding in every room. I have never seen a speck of dust or a hidden wad of trash here, like I've unfortunately found in other hotel rooms in St. Louis. Long story short, I would recommend Millennium to anyone.

Linda Tidwell
I am a big germaphobe, so hotel rooms and me don't get along. The only reason I agreed to stay at Millennium Hotel St. Louis is because I had to be there for a business meeting. I got into the room and did my normal inspection, wiping everything down with a baby wipe to be on the safe side. To my surprise, everything was spotless. If my nerves were calm there, it means the room was really really clean. Otherwise, I would have never been able to sleep. For all of the germaphobes out there like me who fear staying in hotels, rest assured that you will at least sleep well at Millennium.

Mark Walbert
My wife and I take a trip to St. Louis every year to see some of the museums there. We're retired, so we travel the country whenever we feel like getting away from home. The last time we were there, we spent almost three weeks in Millennium Hotel in one of their basic king size rooms. I think that is the best experience we have ever had in St. Louis, and we've been retired for almost a decade now! I think what I liked the best was how quiet everything was. I have a hard time sleeping with noise. My wife really liked the bathrobe she got and the view we saw from the window. We plan to bring our grandkids here next summer because we think they'll like the pool here. Plus, we'd like to take them to the museums with us. We will be having a lot of fun at the Millennium in the future!

Patricia Roast
I live in Canada, but I like coming down to the states to see the sights every once and a while. One of my favorite places to visit is Saint Louis. I've even thought about moving here one of these days. Whenever I get the chance, I try to stay at Millennium Hotel because I know I'm going to have a good time there. It is really close to a lot of great attractions, and it has some of the best room service I have ever had. I've been to four star hotels in California that don't come close to the quality of this place. The only complaint I have is that I usually have to reserve a room well in advance because they stay booked solid for most of the year. Not a bad complaint to have! My advice if you're thinking of staying at Millennium: look for a room now, not later. You can make a reservation online and have a guaranteed place to stay in St. Louis. What more could you want?

Angel Collins
Millennium Hotel is one of my favorite places to go to in St. Louis. I'm a professional blogger, and part of my job is to test out local restaurants, theaters, and hotels so I can write reviews about them online. People come to my site, read the reviews, and then get a feel for whether they should go to a place or not. The fact that I'm writing this outside of my blog should tell you something. I honestly love everything about Millennium, and I just want to spread the word about how awesome it is. Enough of the good stuff though. I have some criticizing to do on my own site!

Patrick Davenport
I had to come to St. Louis in August of 2012 because my father unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack. Obviously I was devastated, and so were my brother and sister. We all stayed at Millennium Hotel because it was a place dad talked about several times when we discussed vacation plans. He gushed on and on about the amenities there, and when we arrived, we saw them for ourselves. The whole place felt like home, and since it was dad's recommendation, it felt even more special. One of the managers there used to work with my father, and he was very supportive when we told him the news. He got us a discount on our room and everything, just because he wanted to make sure we felt cared for. He said that's what dad would have done for him. My family and I can't thank Millennium enough for helping us through such a difficult time in our lives. We will always remember that.